Interior Design Ideas for Various Spaces

Your house is your oasis. It should reflect your style and personality. Choosing the right colour to adorn your walls can transform your home from just a house to a palace. Different paint companies offer a wide variety of colours for painting walls. The shade you pick says a lot about your style and taste. It is important that you carefully plan the shades and dcor because without proper planning even the most expensive house will look mismatched and cluttered. With the right colours to emphasise and showcase your walls you will be able to make your house a castle.

Before painting the rooms it is important to first identify the purpose of each individual room and the mood you want to create in each. You could either create a harmonious space that is tranquil and peaceful or you could create a bright and vibrant space. For example, your bedroom is the place where you would rest after a hard day of work. That means it has to be soothing and relaxing. In the same way, the living room is the place of action and entertainment. It is the place where you would entertain your guests. So it must project the aura of liveliness and energy. In this way the colour of the walls will lend a specific personality to the room. It is also important to make sure that the colour suits and complements the furniture of the room. The curtains in the room and also the home decorations can be used to add to the mood that you want to create.

Most of the time people usually pick a single shade for a room. Instead of this choosing two and even three colours that complement and suit each other will enhance the beauty of the room. Different can be used to showcase a particular aspect of a room. It is a good decision to stick to colours within the same colour family. Combinations can also be used to downplay a less than favourable feature of the room. You will need to bear in mind that light and dark colours can create a distinct atmosphere for the room.

For any queries related to painting homes, you can always get the help of an interior designer. Getting the assistance from an expert ensures that you will get the professional help to turn your house into a dream home. A careful study of your budget, your family’s needs and preferences and your style and personality must be done as well. However, one thing is certain, giving your house a fresh new coat of vivid colour will revitalise your home and will inject it with personality and flair.